TRiCKER Album 2016


I love collecting stuff. Be it football shirts, big headed Corinthian players, Action men, trainers, I love it all. Maybe that is a bloke thing, I don’t know. Anyways this year I have decided to combine three of my favourite things, TRiCKETT, collecting stuff and football stickers. Now we could just release a sticker album and that be that, but the thrill of competition is so much more interesting.

So what we decided to do was offer prizes for the first 10 people to complete their sticker albums. Here are how the prizes break down:

1st – £100 voucher for the online shop & mystery gift

2nd – £50 voucher for the online shop & mystery gift

3rd – £25 voucher for the online shop & mystery gift

4th-10th A pair of the extremely limited edition socks that we made with Clarks Originals, these are unavailable to buy and so are a real piece of TRiCKETT History.

Now you are wondering “Iain, how the heck flip do I get the stickers and album?” Well that is the best bit, they are free with every purchase. For every £20 or part thereof you get a sticker. So spend £19 – get one sticker. Spend £21 – two stickers. Simple eh? The album will be available in the shop and you get one sticker included in the price, just to get things kicked off nicely. The albums and stickers will be released on the 22nd April along with our new, navy blue TRiCKsuits. So a sure fire way to get lots of stickers and get a nice early lead.

There will also be an official swaps hashtag #trickswaps and that way you can get in touch with other collectors to try and swap stickers and get your album filled up super quick! We are all geeks at heart and if you can win free stuff for doing so, well… it doesn’t get much better.