Things we liked in 2015


2015, what a year it was. We saw lots of nice things, met lots of nice people and produced some lovely product. I would end it there but I am sure that you want our usual 10 things that we liked so here we go:

Leeds Rhinos – They won everything that they could do and they did it whilst saying good bye to 3 of my heroes. I won’t say anymore as I am welling up.

adidas Ultra Boost – I know, 3 stripe trainers and they were by far the best shoes of 2015. Squishy, comfortable and can be worn with anything. Perfect.

Henderson’s Relish Gift Pack – This was probably my favourite product of 2015 that we did. It pretty much encapsulated what we are as a brand and they box was ace wasn’t it?

Pop Up Shop with RBN – This was an ambition that we fulfilled this year and I was over the moon with how it went. Lovely people queuing up for hours to come and buy some of our famous wares. It was humbling and amazing at the same time.

Sweatpants – See, I was always under the impression that the only place you could wear sweatpants was in the house / paper shop at a push, however this year was the year, where that all changes. 2016 will get much more relaxed for you.

Jamie Vardy – I imagine this lad will be in a few lists, but I think he is a bit of a fairy tale in a world of money and instant results. Scoring at every level and being thoroughly great to watch. That’s what football is all about.

Italian Hot Chocolate – A relative late arrival to the list, but this has changed my life. Florentine hot chocolate if you are a bit pretentious is the thicker, creamier cousin of British hot chocolate and is the silkiest thing I have ever slurped.

Instagram – This year this went from a bit of a hobby to one of the main ways that we communicate with you lot.

Steph Curry – In a world of basketball dominated with muscles, tattoos and dunking it is good to see that the best player on the planet is the antithesis of this and he is a right lovely bloke too.

You Lot – I know that seems a bit corny, but this year we have made some new friends and kept our old ones which is pretty essential to a small brand like ours working. You have made us smile with your emails, tweets and instagrams and made us snigger with your excellent pictures you send us. Keep up the good work!