I’ve Got a Golden TRiCKETT


I flipping love competitions, especially ones where I don’t have to try too hard. So what I did was mix a favourite book of mine with my favourite clothing brand. The Golden TRiCKETT offers the opportunity to 4 people to design a pair of socks which will be released next Winter and that’s not all!

What makes things even more exciting is that if you are lucky enough to find a TRiCKETT, you will also get a tour of the sock factory that we use in Leicestershire, the home of hosiery. The tour will be given by our main man Neil, whose family has owned the factory for generations. I don’t think he will be wearing a purple coat and top hat, but you never know. I may even do a little inspiring monologue, but I doubt it.

All you have to do is buy ace TRiCKETT stuff, easy eh? The TRiCKETTs will be stashed inside 4 lucky peoples orders and it is completely random as to when they will be sent. They will start being put in orders from next Friday, which is the launch of our rather lovely Chalmers apron. However, one thing I will say is that one of the tickets will definitely be at the TRiCKETT & RBN pop up shop next month. So if you weren’t already queuing, now would be the time to get the sleeping bag and camp chair.

So good luck… And enjoy singing “I’ve got a golden TRiCKETT” for the rest of the day.