The big game (Super Bowl) is the peak of American sporting broadcasting and this year we are a bit more excited than usual as our Seattle Seahawks are defending their Super Bowl crown.

It does all seem a bit odd though, as recently I see more and more people getting into American football here in the UK and that is a good thing. 10 years ago viewing the Super Bowl was usually reserved for middle aged men in jerseys that are far too big for them, packed into a living room, trying desperately not to wake their wives / husbands / children up when points went on the board. Nowadays, we have it broadcast live on channel 4 and whole parties dedicated to it, I am going to the Hard Rock in Manchester if you care to join me. Maybe it is because local sport is marginalising their fans by charging exorbitant amounts to watch really average sport, maybe people want something different or maybe the just love the personalities within the game, whatever it is, it’s nice to see the sport growing.

We may even see a team in the UK before long… However that is a separate conversation… I always found it a bit odd that people would instantly dismiss a sport that they didn’t understand, or say that the name of the game doesn’t actively describe the sport (just look at pool, I brought my trunks instead of a cue) just relax and take in one of the most physically and psychologically draining sports that there is. So no more quietly liking the sport, but fearing your friends who prefer their footballs to be kicked rather than ran with, sit down in front of the TV with some over fried food and prepare to be tired for work on Monday. The Seahawks don’t do boring.