Tweir Release Information


That’s right! It is finally here, the hat that people have been waiting for, for months. The Tweir. This hat is based on the iconic bobble by the lads at Connoisseur, but has been reimagined by us for an ultra special release.

This titfer is made from Shetland wool, which means it is very warm and it is a mix of several shades all in one yarn. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but when you have one, you will realise what I mean. However, good luck explaining it to Dave at the pub, I am almost certain he doesn’t understand offside… We have also lined it in wool, for extra durability and warmth, then we have made an extra dense, very round pom pom for the top of the hat. The most noticeable difference is that we have replaced the Cs on the hat with C X T. Which simply stands for Connoisseur x TRiCKETT. We are expecting these hats to be extremely sought after so here are a few rules / reminders:

  • The hats go on sale at 7PM on Friday 23rd October 2015 priced at £45 (slightly more if sending outside of the UK). They will be on sale via our website and the Connoisseur website which is .
  • The orders are limited to one per address per person, anyone ordering more than this will have their entire order cancelled sorry.
  • We won’t take any jip. Last time some people got a little over enthusiastic and started saying things that they didn’t really mean. It is just a woolly hat, a nice one granted, but it is just a woolly hat, so if you do miss out, have a brew and watch Storage Wars.

That is all you need to know… I think. Anything else, just drop us an email, or a tweet, or an Instagram or a carrier pigeon. We are looking forward to a right good doo and I hope you manage to nab one.