Time for a New Home


For modern, smaller brands like ours, owning a shop in the UK, on the high street is a pretty huge dream. People of my generation don’t really view going shopping on the high street with as much romance as perhaps people slightly older than me do.

That said, I think there always has to be a place for trying on things, meeting the people behind the brands and having a brew. Some of the best shops I ever went in had such a huge impact on the way that TRiCKETT works and the way we design. From the small Hundreds shop that I visited in Los Angeles, the first time I ever went to Firmament in Berlin, stepping cautiously into Oi Polloi on Tib Street, or the ace fruit and veg shop that they used to have in Accrington Arndale. All these things work together to create a view of what I wanted a space to look and feel like if I ever got the opportunity to make one.

In 10 days time, I get to do just this. We get to make a temporary retail space our home for a few days. To say I am excited, nervous and bemused by it all would be an absolute understatement. We will be creating the space in Manchester on the historic Chapel Street in Salford. Once famous for it’s cotton, manufacturing and footballing prowess is now where we will call home for a few days.

We aim to get what is inside our heads out, so that you can get a better understanding of what we are about. That isn’t it though, expect limited items, a sample sale and everything else that we have in the shop, but this time you can come, look, chat and enjoy.

We will be launching the space with our friends Rosso Bianco Nero and they too, will have a few extra special pieces and one or two that we have worked on with them. We are really looking forward to it and we hope to see you there. 10AM sharp!