The Mascot


When we were thinking of our team mascot, we didn’t really have much of an idea that we wanted. We knew that we didn’t want to be a bearcat or a Seahawk or anything weird, just something British, but that could look cool. So we decided on a Cairn Terrier, famous for being overly aggressive and a bit of a soft lump, we felt it perfectly described what a team mascot should be.

We handed the idea over to Tom J Newell and the rest was history (the man is a genius in all honesty). What we didn’t expect is for you lot to love it as much as you did. We had at least one email a week last year asking for us to make a t-shirt with the logo on and at 7PM tonight you finally get your wish. Entirely made in the UK and printed using very old-fashioned methods, the Mascot t-shirt is here and it’s probably going to be sticking around for a while.