The Future of Socks


We have done a fair few socks in our time here at TRiCKETT HQ. However, seeing as we come from a performance background it is always good to get our thinking caps on and think how we can improve socks. We have always been a fan of the tube socks that high schoolers in the USA wore during the 80’s so we thought that would be a good place to start. Two stripes at the top, with a nod to short shorts and basketball.

We all hate it when you’ve had a pair of socks on for a while, they dig into your leg and you have to scratch your ankle like mad afterwards. So, the leg is secure, but by no means tight. We have used some of our old style tips and ribbed the entire sock, except for the foot and base of the heel. The foot has been loopbacked, like what we use in our sweatshirts, for extra comfort, cushioning and to aid impact when the bottom of your foot hits the insole of your shoe. The back of the heel reinforced for extra durability as has the toe seam. The socks are finished in a marl effect as a nod to hiking and walking socks that we all know and love. Finish it off with some sweat and odour absorbing cotton and I think we have got as close to perfection as we can.

The socks come in a two pack, one grey marl with a blue and white stripe and the other a navy marl with a grey and white stripe.  2 pairs so you can take them on holiday for a weekend and be safe in the knowledge you feet are well looked after. Now all you have to do is not get lost in a forest somewhere, when with your family.

Released tomorrow at 7PM.