Sox, Socks and more Socks


I really like socks. I have a lot to be thankful to them for. They have helped me realise just how many other people there are on the planet that like socks and it forms a fair chunk of what we do here at TRiCKETT HQ.

Yesterday we released our Autumn / Winter 2015 collection and in it there is a t-shirt that means a lot to us. The Sox t-shirt isn’t just a top that displays a sock on it (well it is, but I am trying to get all philosockical… sorry), it’s a piece of history (I was so tempted to say hosiery) that we in the UK know little about. In this t-shirt it represents all that we like about our brand and hopefully the stuff that you lot like too.

I just thought it would be proper of us to quote where we got our inspirations from. Now pop your t-shirt and aim for the bleachers. Or just sit down and watch someone else do it. It’s much less strenuous.