Shop Time


It’s just under 2 days until we open our pop up shop for the first time. To say that we are nervous would be the understatement of the year. We are really excited to get in there and give you lot an idea of what the inside of our heads look like. There are just a few bits of info that you will find interesting to get through and then you can go and get your sleeping bag, camping chair and tent.

The shop is titled ‘RBN vs. TRiCKETT.’ For this space, we have tried to make the place feel like your childhood, lots of memorabilia and lots of nice things to buy for yourself and others (remembering that Christmas isn’t that far away). As part of the shop, we have both launched our favourite 11 players. Each brand will have their team hung up on the wall with a box underneath each. Just pop your name, email address and phone number on a piece of paper and put it in the box of the team you think is best. Once the winning team is discovered, we will pick a name at random from the box of the best squad and that person will receive a £50 gift voucher for the Rosso Bianco Nero shop, or the TRiCKETT shop depending on the winner! Prints of both of the teams are available too.

We are also doing a little offer, that the first 10 people to buy our limited edition Bastian hat with Rosso Bianco Nero will receive a FREE pair of Schweinsteiger socks. To reward you for all of your hard work queuing! Doors open at 10am and we are excited to see you all.