Nice Socks


We make right nice socks. So much so people actually collect them and leave them in their wrappers, never to be worn, but occasionally looked at and fondled. Like those weird people that collect trainers. I’ll be back in a minute just need to get some air to a few pairs to stop them yellowing… everyone does that right?

However, I never thought that we would be in a position where people start to nickname our socks. On Friday at 7PM we release our Bronny and Cousins socks and already we have had emails about the Goth socks, The Ravens socks, the Cadbury socks for the Cousins and for the Bronnys, Harry Potter socks and Bradford socks. I think this means we have made it, which is nice, but don’t worry, I will still buy the cheaper chocolate digestives, as I am from Accrington… and they taste nicer.