Getting Hung Up


Sometimes patience can be a really difficult thing to have. Combine this with how much like perfectionists we are and unfortunately things can take ages. That comes with making things in the UK too, but I think finally 2015 has helped us to be a bit more patient and it has managed to start us on the road of where we want to go.

This begins with the new coach jacket, it would have been really easy for us to tweak a few things on our last jacket. Add some velcro, change the collar a bit and the told you how great the new jacket was, but that isn’t fair. So we went back to the drawing board and had a look at what coaches / managers wear on the sidelines nowadays.

Mix that with a house tartan, a beautiful outer fabric and a few other details and I think we have our finest piece of clothing to do date, however, we aren’t great at banging on about these things. I guess you will just have to a little more patient.