Always sweat the small stuff


Athletic apparel is what we do. Yeah, you probably don’t want to go jogging in your new Montana sweatshirt just yet. But you could do. All we want to do here at TRiCKETT is create a great product that will be as faithful to you as Paolo Maldini was to A.C. Milan.

Now I know that is no easy task, but we are firm believers in making items as good as we can for as good a price as we can. You know when your Granny always used to say things aren’t made as well anymore, for the most part she is right. I had a microwave once that lasted 4 months, criminal! Anyways, we are influenced here by the great sportswear brands of the ’60s. ’70s and ’80s and as such we make products to the standards that athletes of all abilities appreciate.

Our new Montana sweatshirt is an improvement on our first version, the fabric is better, the construction is better and the details are better thought through. All in all a much better sweatshirt. It’s not often that the sequel is better than the original, but here at TRiCKETT that is all we aim to do.