The maybes, the could’ve beens, the shouldas, that is what makes sport most exciting and that is why we dedicated a brand to it. It was a frustrating end to an unbelievable season. I think that if someone would have asked me at the start of the season if we would have taken a Super Bowl trip, playing in one of the best Bowls of all time, winning one of the weirdest NFC games of all time and making Marshawn Lynch an international hero, I think I would have taken that.

So thanks for all the nice tweets, emails and messages, but we are fine, in fact we are better than great, we are “thankful”, but “you know why were are here” and that is “so that we won’t get fined.” Seahawks you are infuriating, excruciating and make me question why I do it. And we love you for it.

Roll on Autumn 2015!