A sale that isn’t a sale, but it is


Here at TRiCKETT HQ we very rarely do a sale, usually it’s knocking a little bit off here or there or whatever, but we thought we should do one just to say thanks. What we also thought, was that just giving you money off something isn’t good enough so we thought we would give away some socks too.

So here is how it works. Spend over £20 between 20th and 24th July and you get a free pair of our Terrier Tournament sports socks. The socks will be available separately and are to celebrate the first outing of the TRiCKETT Terriers in the Mundial football Tournament, so a bit of history too. Gosh we are good to you.

Simple really, we are having a week off starting the 27th July so we thought what better way for you to stock up on socks and other bits. This will only last for 5 days, so gets to moving or else all the good bits will be left and you’ll be upset. And we definitely don’t want that.