Who Wears…


Believe it or not, sometimes, in the summer, it gets a tiny bit warmer here in the UK. I promise that I’m not joking, like today for example I am only wearing one jumper. With that in mind and the fact that some of you may well be going to foreign climates for your summer jaunts, we thought we would equip you with something to unleash your legs in and make you look less like a retired surfer from Skegness. Hibiscus shorts should be reserved for professional surfers.

We haven’t gone crazy, we used the same model from last year, but updated the fabrics, fit and made the pocket lining even fruitier (literally). We have even kept our draw cord lining so that way you don’t have to worry about taking yourself off at the airport or even wearing a belt. I know, what a relief!

So keep your eyes peeled and ensure to keep those legs lotioned up!