Website Tweaks


We like our website, it’s pretty good like. We do aim to please though and there were a few bits that really annoyed us and you lot too. So we got on the blower, made a few slight changes and hopefully you lot will like them.

We use Twitter a right lot and there was nowhere on the site to gain access to this wild world of TRiCKETT musings and comments, so we added that right at the bottom next to all the other links. Look, have a see, give it a click, you know you want to.

The big one was that we didn’t have multiple images of our products. Seems like a pretty glaring error doesn’t it? Well we had the ideals or replicating 1950’s sports catalogs where you only saw the garment folded up and had to wait until it arrived until you knew what it was like… Yeah, a bit of a weird concept.

So multiple images of the same product are here, we will get them all updated soon, we just need to get some people to wear them and take photos of them. So keep your eyes peeled. Obviously, any issues or things you don’t like get in touch and we will probably be a bit sad and then, get it sorted. Happy clicking!