The White T-Shirt


The t-shirt is something that we take for granted and is generally regarded as one of the most iconic items of clothing ever. It became standard issue in the American army towards the end of the 19th Century and has been worn by everyone from James Dean to me. Most throw them on when racing downstairs to greet the postman when he wakes you at 12.30 on a Saturday afternoon or wear it with a slogan on (grow up man!) There does come a certain point in life where you think you can no longer wear them as you think a collared shirt is the only way forward.

And whilst most of the time we would tend to agree with you, those people that say that haven’t tried on one of our new sports shirts. These still have the same shrink to fit technology that they always had (it is wild, weird and very exciting) however, this time around we have just made the shirts a touch longer in length and a better fit at the neck.

So next time you reach for your ever dependable white tshirt, know that this one is perfect for you… Until you slop a chicken madras down it.

White sport shirts, made in England, coming very, very soon.