Socks for Garters


Keeping your socks up is a constant struggle isn’t it? Whether metaphorically pulling your socks up or actually having to pull your hosiery toward your knee, the baggy sock is not a good way to display your finely crafted wool. The ruched sock should be exclusively for the school girls of the mid to late 90’s.

So our only solution, a sock garter. It’s sort of weird to think that these have completely gone out of fashion. Most likely because we have nylon and polyester to keep our socks a little closer to the skin than previously, but it still doesn’t conquer the evil that is baggy socks. Come with me, back to the turn of the 20th century and discover a tale of uniforms, advertising and socks.

The Boston garter is generally credited as the first piece of sportswear ever to be advertised in mainstream publications, like newspapers and such. This piece of equipment ensured that baseball players socks didn’t slouch down and get in the way of sliding in to steal third base. The garter was seen as a revolutionary piece of kit and players were so happy they even put their name to the product. They even had baseball cards of themselves getting changed into their game gear wearing the garters to be sold with the hosiery holders. Have a look here Weird eh?

So in honour of this every sporting phenomenon we are proud to announce that we are recreating these for the modern man. Made in England, using the finest elastic and leather combined with the original Boston Garter patterns we welcome the Accrington Garter to our line of products.

Coming very soon.