Seattle Seahats


So, weirdly enough my two favourite American football teams won their respective championships. I can’t tell you how odd that feels, I’ve liked Burnley and Stanley all my life and the neasrest I ever got to be being excited was beating Stockport in the Playoff final (Sorry Connoisseur lads) and Accy beating Bournemouth in the FA Cup.

So I feel that we should take our hats off to a great season for the Seahawks and the Seminoles and give you lot a nice, tasty offer. As of today and for 24 hours we will be knocking 50% off all our hats. No codes or any crazy, lift up your left foot and pat the dog with your right index finger stuff, just a good old fashioned price reduction.

So get it whilst you can, because the delirium and tiredness will soon wear off and I will go back to my mean self!