Pop to It!


I flipping love a pop over shirt I do, it dances the line between a sports shirt and an actual button up shirt. Ivy league types will know all about this shirt as it has pretty much been a staple of American university outfitters since about 1910. Think J. Press, Brooks Brothers et al.

Now that the sun is starting to shine a bit we thought we should let you know that we are releasing a nice cotton shirt for you to wear on the long drive to Blackpool this summer. However, we also know that it can get a bit cold too. We are never happy us lot are we? So what we decided to do was get a fabric that mixed cotton AND wool together. I know, my mind was blown when I found it too and it isn’t made out of the stuff you use to take your make up off… so I hear.

Unsurprisingly it is also woven in this country. I am a bit of a fabric anorak to be fair, so I will stop there before you go and look at a stamp collecting website.

Team that fabric up with Raglan sleeves, a seed pocket and Rachael buttons and your new favourite shirt is soon here. It’ll be one of those ‘Take that shirt off or else you don’t get any black forest gateaux!’ shirts, where your Mum just wants you to wear the shirt she got you for your birthday last year. Cream, cherries, sponge and a bad shirt or a disgruntled Mum and sartorial prowess. Your call.