Pirlo and Bryant


It has been a while since we released a sock, so we decided to unleash two pairs dedicated to two sportsmen who, despite being in the winter of their careers, still manage to compete and excel at the highest level. One pair dedicated to a bearded Italian, who like the wine he produces, seems to get better with age and the other pair dedicated to the Mamba, the king of LA or debatably one of the best basketball players of all time. Kobe Bryant.

The Pirlo socks feature 2 tricolores and come in blue to represent the Italian national football team that Andrea Pirlo recently retired from. Boo hoo. However you can think about him and his made up position (the regista) every time you pop these on your feet. They come in our traditional cotton weave, as it never gets that cold in Italy, but they are warm enough to keep your tootsies warm when standing in the away end at Scunthorpe.

The Bryant socks are barred in navy, white and grey. The white on the sock is to represent the strapping that Kobe will be wearing on his ankles after a series of terrible cruciate ligament injuries. We also thought that it looked quite good. These come in a mid weight wool and are ribbed. Get your mind out of the gutter

So there you have it, new socks and weird reasons for making them. These go on sale tonight at 8PM, so finish your tea, hop on the website, buy a pair and watch highlight videos until they arrive. Or practice your fadeaway jumper and through ball. That is probably what Andrea and Kobe would want.