Pin Badges


Weird things really when you think about it, pin badges, they are the better looking sister of the traditional button badge and so much smaller and detailed. Sadly, they are often sported by leather baseball cap clad football enthusiasts or by some bloke trying to sell you a membership to the RSPB. As a side note if you ever do see an RSPB chaffinch badge, let me know will you?

Just recently there have been some corkers flying around, but we thought we would take it way back and recreate a pin badge set like what kids in America were presented with when they graduated from high school or received a letter. That’s not a celebration of post like, have a read here, I can’t go into detail I have beans on the stove.

So the Scrappin’ Terriers pin badge sets should be with us this week. Made in Lancashire, drawn by the Genius that is Tom J Newell and they even come with a little card that you can keep in your wallet / purse. Wear them with pride and if you want to make up a story about how you graduated from high school in Utah that is up to you. Weirdo.