Manchester Sock League Champion Socks


Here are the winning socks of the current sock league champions, Manchester. These socks will go on sale in a very small number at the Rosso Bianco Nero event on the 15th November, where we will have a stall. After that we are launching them on our website. Here are all the details that you need:

  • The socks come in two colours. One reminiscent of a certain red football club from Manchester and the other of a sky blue football team from Manchester. Both come in wool with nylon for a bit of comfort and have the extremely limited TRiCKETT – Manchester – on the base of the foot. Proper limited.
  • The socks will go on sale at 7PM on Monday 17th November 2014. They will be on sale only to people in the M postcode for the first 2 days. This means your delivery postcode has got to be in the M – Manchester postcode. The website is here and passwords will be given to M postcode dwellers by us and other nominated parties on Twitter.
  • After this time the socks will then go into our normal shop at 7PM on Wednesday the 19th November. Socks are priced at £14 per pair and that includes postage as we are lovely. The socks are limited to two per colour per customer, any orders over this will be refunded, you cheeky scamp.

Other than that we are looking forward to a right good doo. No pushing and keep the rivalries friendly… at lest whilst you are in the queue.