A lot of you may or may not know who Jameis Winston is. Well he is a bloke from Alabama, likes throwing American footballs and even better than that he likes winning you lot hats… That last bit may or may not be true.

Anyways it’s Jameis’ birthday today, wahoo! It’s the BCS National Championship in Pasadena today, wahoo! Florida State are there trying to win their first national championship in 15 years, wahoo! Clint Trickett is there, wahoo! I’m not, wa…

I digress, so here’s the deal. If Jameis Winston leads the Seminoles to a victory this evening / morning, tweet us with #jameisgotmeahat as soon as that final whistle blows and you get to pick a hat, free of charge from our shop. Free, no charge, gratis, on us.

This competition is open to everyone, all around the world, so get involved. So even before that ticker tape hits the ground and or I start crying with joy, get us tweeted. Then you can double celebrate!