It is true that inspiration comes from alot of places. Like my idea for a giant… well I am keeping that to myself. There was a time in baseball before the weird heavy polyester shirts, strange necks and button up fronts. These were the pioneers of the game, like football shirts of the time here in the UK, they were either made from wool flannel or heavy cotton. They were pop over style shirts that could be cared for easily and sometimes one of the players or wives of the players took the time to stitch the club name on the front.

This era of baseball is something that interests me certainly as the shirts were used for displaying what team you were on and were extremely rugged. What we decided here at TRiCKETT was to take a few ideas from this era, some from the 80’s and some from right now and create the Stengel shirt.

The shirt will be a wool and cotton mix fabric (as we couldn’t decided on which fabric to make them from) in navy blue and feature raglan sleeves in a pop over style. They are lovely and there are some extra little bits too, but I suppose you will have to be patient for that.

Next batter up.