Fourth and Foremost


It is sort of weird to think that this is our fourth release with the BSFC. Only seems like yesterday we dropped the chairpeople of the council an email to say we should do a sock and now look where we are. Anyways, enough of the monologue. If you are here, looking at his page you know how quickly these socks tend to sell out and this year we have done something a little different. A two pack of trainer socks to keep your feet stylish and less sweaty. Aren’t we great. Anyways here are the rules for the release.

  • There are two designs in the socks and both are sold in a pack of 2 for £22 including postage anywhere in the world. The TRiCKETT one is in classic Accy Sky and Navy Blue, with the claret of Burnley to pay homage to the clarets getting promoted last season. The BSFC have chosen their classic colour scheme of blue, white and yellow.
  • The socks will be released at this web page. It is currently password protected and members of the BSFC will be contacted with the passcode very soon.
  • The release date will be Friday 11th July 2014 at 7.00PM. Please keep up to date with the latest news via our twitter, which is here. Members will have a 48-hour window to buy the socks before anyone else and any remaining socks will go on general sale via the shop on Sunday 7th July.
  • THE BIG BIT: Members and non-members can only buy two sets of socks. We want to make sure that we can share the exceptional hosiery, so this is just the fairest way. Anyone buying more than the allocated number will be refunded for pairs over their allowance.

Other than that we are looking forward to a right good do. The password will be given to existing members and those awaiting their membership cards. So we will see you on Friday… Trigger fingers at the ready!