Sportswear is pretty lucky, it has so many items of clothing that are iconic, from the way we wear socks, to t-shirts, trousers, the whole lot. However, the one piece of sportswear that always interested us was the coach jacket, worn by generations of sport enthusiasts and drenched / disgruntled coaches alike.

What started off as a standard issue jacket for the Nebraska trash collectors, soon morphed into what I personally see as one of the most iconic pieces of sportswear to be designed. Raglan sleeves, two pockets and made from some mildly water resistant material and I really do mean mildly. Half the fun of thee jackets was the water coming in through the seams as Vince Lombardi has described on several occasions.  This piece of sportswear is what whole groups of people have come to recognise as what coaches wear and are now issued as standard.

The jacket has now become quite a fashion staple, but has never quite been given the credit or materials that it deserved. So we decided that the elderly statesman of sportswear needed a bit of a makeover. Featuring waterproof zips, Harris Tweed, Ventile and British corduroy. Your Spring / Summer jacket is on the way… now get warmed up and give me 3 catching drills.