10 Things we Liked in 2014

  • Instagram – We are relative newcomers to the world of taking square photographs, but this weird app really has made us smile.
  • SEH Kelly – This year our favourite brand in the world only got better and they even made a blanket. Madness!
  • Nike Zoom Structure 18 – This looks like a shoe from the future and it is. There have been lots of reissues this year, so it was good to see the world of trainer moving forward… a bit.
  • NFL – We like American football and this year it has been ace. Also looks like them ‘Hawks are playing well again too.
  • Burgers – I know they are a bit cool at the minute, but I think 2014 must be the year of the burger and by jove did we indulge.
  • Lost Art – Our favourite shop in the world is officially 15 years of age and it is only getting better. I like stuff like that.
  • Clarks x MF DOOM Brown Wallabee – A brown Clarks shoe isn’t much to write home about, but one with 3M stitching and the supervillian on them. That is about it for us.
  •  Marshawn Lynch – Beast Mode, really has been a Beast this year.
  • LEON – Healthy food that you actually want to eat. This was a real revelation for me.
  •  You lot – Genuinely, we didn’t run out of things to say, you lot have really entertained us and made us smile. 2014 has been a great year all because of you lovely people believing in us and that is probably the most important thing that made us smile.