Walsh shoe – Release Information


Pretty much our release of the year and we have received so many requests and emails for information so we decided that we would write a few points on here just so everyone knows where they stand.

  • The pre-orders for the shoes will be sent out Thursday 3rd October and they will be with you in time for the match, pub or peacocking event on Saturday.
  • The general release for the shoes will be at 9.00AM BST on Saturday 5th October and will be available through the shop here.
  • We are limiting the shoes to 2 pairs per person maximum anyone ordering over this allocation will be refunded for pairs outside of this. Our stock system replenishes every 2 minutes so if a size has sold out please keep refreshing the page as you never know someone may change their mind.
  • Each pair sold will receive a limited edition tea towel, as designed by abstract artist Rachael Crowther (see her work here), a TRiCKETT lace lock, and bubble gum. The first 10 pairs sold will also receive an extremely limited edition pair of socks that can be seen here. They are so rare that even the boss doesn’t have a some. Have a look at them here.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will try our best to sort it out. Thanks for all the questions and here is to a great release on Saturday. The most up-to-date info is on our Twitter page to make sure to follow us or use your Mum’s account, she’s miles cooler than you. See you in the queue.