TRiCKETT 2013 Awards


2013 is almost over and it only seems like a few weeks ago since I wrote my last one of these. I think out of our 2 years being in business this has been our favourite, for events relating to TRiCKETT and otherwise, so here we go:

Sports Personality: Jameis Winston – This one was pretty easy, he has led FSU to their first BCS bowl in over 15 years, has a Heisman trophy and he can chuck an American football over a frat house. What more do you need?

Sporting Event: Tour de France – There has been quite a few this year but I really enjoyed watching Chris Froome win the Tour de France. Effort and his weird accent made is a right lovely time.

Clothing Brand: S.E.H Kelly (again) – A lot of people have said that 2013 has been a strange year for fashion and I would completely agree, but one thing that stays the same is my love for S.E.H Kelly. They have consistently inspired us and created amazing things. Oh and they sell our socks too.

Item: Mamnick – Chippie Fork – Sometimes you get a bit lazy and think I have seen it all now, nothing will be able to make me say “Oh Crikey” but this piece of Sheffield Steel did. A bottle opener and a chippie fork. It is debatedly one of the most beautiful pieces of design that I have ever seen.

Wildcard: Music – This year has been great for music. 2012 was a really dry affair, but this year has really produced some great things. Now we won’t have a massive debate about which albums were best etc, that is for Pitchfork to do. However it has been surprising just how much new music I have downloaded.