Thanks & a Final Chance


We are far from finished packing all the socks from our Sell Out British Sock Fetish Council collaboration socks, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the buyers, members and the Chairmen of the BSFC.Without your continuous support we wouldn’t have had such a successful launch and record sell out.

I know some of you missed out on the Blue socks and that is a bit sad, I’m upset too…

FEAR NOT! We have 1 pair of Blue BSFC socks left and this time around there is no queuing, no refreshing websites, no shouting at the children for wanting to be bathed at 7.00PM, thus not letting you buy socks, the list goes on.

We are going to do a little raffle. Tickets are £1 and all you have to do is send £1 for every ticket you want to Make sure to put in the comments section your name, Twitter name (if you have one, if not you are soooooo last year) and postal address. This raffle is open to everyone both members and non. With the winner being announced on Friday 19th July.

All money raised will go to the Check ’em Lads charity which gives support, advice and information about testicular cancer. A cause that is very close to everyone here at TRiCKETT and the BSFC. So what are you waiting for get buying your tickets!