Socks with a conscience


Here at TRiCKETT we have got a bit of a following for our socks, so we thought it was about time we did something with this bit of excitement surrounding our hosiery. As you may or may not know, we are always to support people chasing their dreams especially in the sporting world. We also like people that are overcoming a few issues to get to the top and if your last name is Trickett then you are pretty much right up our alley.

Clint Trickett is a Quarter Back for West Virginia University and suffers from a dietary issue known as celiac disease. I won’t pretend that I know loads about the disease, but what it means is that there are certain things that Clint and many, many others like hm across the globe can’t eat. When you’re trying to put some weight onto protect you from when some 25 stone 7 foot defensive end comes flying at you it can be difficult. Now I am not asking you to get your violins out, this is just about raising a bit of awareness.

So we thought let’s design a pair of socks with the help of Clint and get you lot to knowledge up and raise some dosh for in the USA and in the UK. What you’ll get is a lovely pair of wool socks in WVU Colours, some red and yellow Skittles (Clint’s Favourites), an information pamphlet and a clear conscience. Never has buying socks been so rewarding.

They will release on the 31st August, just in time for the first game of the new college football season at a cost of £11.00. Winter is on the way and these will keep your toes warm for the coming colder months, especially if you’re in West Virginia. Sheesh!