Pie In The Sky


We tend to only pick things for the shop that have a bit of a story. We love our food here at TRiCKETT, thats why we retired from international football at 8 years of age so that we could concentrate on our eating career and boy has it paid of big time… I digress.

The moon pie was developed around 1917 just when America needed a pick me up when recovering from the Great Depression. To us there is nothing fluffy marshmallow and biscuit can’t solve, not even one of the worst economic collapses of all time. Often teamed with an RC Cola and a good time in the Southern states these chocolate covered niceities are one of the USA’s longest standing and eaten treats. In Mobile, Alabama they even use a giant moon pie as a count down rather than a clock so great is their love for the pie!

So next time you a planning a picnic just buy some moon pies and save the rest for the pub. I am certain* she will love it…

* = Can’t actually guarantee it, maybe get some sausage rolls too just in case you classy, classy man.