King of the Moors


Once upon a time, Lancashire actually created competitions that involved cycling. No government-funded, hop on your bike to pick up the balsamic vinegar, hi-vis and helmet wearing tripe we are faced with nowadays.

In Clitheroe and the surrounding areas it can get quite hilly, not mountainous or anything crazy like that, but going up hill with the wind in your face, can challenge any seasoned climber’s reserve. In 1981 Clitheroe held it’s first and only ‘King of the Moors’ competition. This was basically a ride that started in Great Harwood and took you all the way through to Harrogate.

Up moor and down dale, this was a test of endurance, ability and not getting killed. At the end of the competition the winner, James Stowe, was awarded a pair of grey socks with navy polka dots on to pay homage to the grey sky of the north and the then newly introduced polka dot jersey of the Tour de France.

Forgotten by many and only discovered by us when going through old newspapers, we thought that this was far too interesting a story not to be recreated. They also happened to be in our company colours too.  See aren’t socks fun when they have a story behind them?

King of the Moors socks released on the 15th September at 12.30PM at £11.00 per pair.