2013 has been a pretty great year so far as regards our socks and many other things. We love a good competition, so we thought let’s have a photo entry battle of you lot wearing our socks.

This will run until Friday of next week with the winner receiving an exclusive pair of our socks that are only available from the S.E.H Kelly shop in London town. We have already had a quite a few entries on Twitter (if you want to enter and don’t have a Twitter account (It’s 2013 man! Why don’t you have Twitter?!?) get in touch and we will happily supply you with an email address for you to send your images to) featuring dogs, sock collections and just a few pairs of Clarks too. There is no limit to the number of entries and the more creative the better! Make sure to use the hash tag #fernsflashers so we can find you easier.

The picture to the left is one of my personal favourites, but then again it is Fern who will pick the winner. I have nothing to do with it. So get involved and thanks again for all the sock buyers across the globe it does mean a lot.

Photo Credit: @Angriffhund and Hershey