Egg Catchers


Now before we begin, I right like rugby. I’m not mad keen on Union, but League is something that has fascinated me for a great number of years. The athleticism, strength and the short shorts have given me much entertainment down the years. So we thought that we would honor rugby in the only way we know, by making some clothes

The rugby jersey we have made this year is made from heavyweight cotton and was designed to hark back to an era before skin tight tops and jerseys loaded with more sponsors than a F1 car.

The rugby top is just as old as the football shirt as the same tops were worn by the Universities which championed both sports toward the end of the 19th Century. An interesting little thing we found out was in 1903 the captain of a local rugby team said that wearing a top button on your jersey brought bad luck, after he lost his front teeth in an accident with a boot. His jersey was buttoned up to the top and being the superstitious soul he was, no more top buttons were worn. A tradition that is still carried on to this day by my local team. So we thought it only fair to keep this up.

We recommend using the jersey as you would use a jumper. A vital piece of layering in the coming cooler months and don’t worry you won’t look like Uncle Derek on his day off. You drink far better ale, your jeans are less boot cut / washed to within an inch of their life and you don’t wear pointy brown brogues. So crack on the season and your place at the bar await!

Grab yours here.