Cold Necks


Throughout the ages a scarf is the ultimate way of showing your true “colours.” Be that in a sporting context or be that in an academic sense, the scarf has been a flag and declaration for centuries. Being a person of a reasonably young age, when I used to think of scarves I always used to think of those weird acrylic ones that you used to get from a bloke with one tooth and a hat full of pin badges… Or maybe that was just Sheffield… I digress.

It was when taking a trip to Oxford when I saw that scarves weren’t just things to put Paul Peschisolido’s name / face on, they were a piece of heritage that had been handed down from person to person, student to student for centuries. College colours have been in use for literally hundreds of years and although times and attitudes change, the colours and the way of displaying your loyalties have not. This is the same with the humble football scarf, just the colours of your team, not the multi-million pound sponsorship deal across the front (and / or back too) and no new signing who doesn’t know where the town is / “We 8 (Insert team here)” on the back. Just a loyalty to the club and it’s traditions.

This got us to thinking about how our Grandads took great pleasure in handing down their match worn scarves, almost as a right of passage. With that the Washington scarf was born.

Paying homage to the great universities and teams throughout the ages and made from wool so as to last for years. Who knows if you look after yours, you may be able to hand it down to your Grandson / Grandaughter one day. Or keep it for yourself they probably wouldn’t appreciate it anyways. Pick yours up here