Clint Trickett x TRiCKETT – Release Info


Here at TRiCKETT HQ we are pretty used to you lot liking our socks, especially the BSFC ones we do twice a year, but our latest release with Clint Trickett seems to really have excited people. We have had a few emails today asking us to clarify a few points so here we go.

  • The Socks will be release on the 31st August 2013 at 9.00AM BST (4.00AM in West Virginia) to celebrate the start of WVU’s Football season.
  • The socks are 80% Wool 20% Elsatane so that they don’t shrink, unless your Mum boils them.
  • The colours are gold, navy and white, just in case your monitor / phone / tablet / tamagotchi can’t display them properly.
  • You will get a packet of Skittles only containing red and yellow flavours (Clint’s favourites)
  • Every pair sold will directly benefit Celiac charities in the USA, Canada and UK.
  • There is no limit on pairs per customer seeing as this is a charity release.

As ever we are looking forward to a great release and if you have any questions get in touch or follow us on Twitter here.