Cap it off nicley


Being a chap that doesn’t really have much hair, it is always important to keep my head covered. Not because I fear I may look like Right Said Fred, I just think it all looks a bit tidier. My main weapon of choice has been a baseball hat in the last few years, but after a few lazy months spent watching Enfield cricket club and watching the demise of the wool cricket cap, I decided it was time to bring them back.

The cricket cap is almost as old as the game itself, being worn by school boys playing the game of willow on wood as far back as the 1720’s. The hat was worn right up until the 1970’s and 80’s for batsmen and fielders alike, until someone realised it may be a better idea to wear a helmet when having what is essentially a rock thrown at you, traveling at 100 mph whilst batting… spoil sports.

The hat combines the best bits of a flat cap from Britain’s industrial past and the pronounced peak of the American baseball cap. We also thought we would add a bit of baseball technology to our version and put a green panel under the visor, we know it doesn’t make much of a difference it just looked nice.

We only have a pallet of three colours when it comes to our designs, but luckily for us the hat pigment chosen by both England and Lancashire is navy blue, so we will pretend that was the reason why we made the crown that colour…

So relax, get yourself a nice cup of tea, pop your hat on and have a snooze, after all it is the cricket season.