Aberdeen Socks


We have has literally 54 emails about these socks so we thought that we would put down something on here for how we are going to release this particular pair of socks and a few details of the hosiery:

  • For the first 48 hours only people with an AB delivery postcode and who have been given the password will be able to buy the socks. After that they go on general release in the shop as per usual.
  • The socks are priced at £15.00 including postage and they are wool so as to keep out that frosty Aberdeen chill.
  • The most frequent question we have got asked is ‘Why Aberdeen?’ Well to quickly answer it, we have quite a few customers up there in Scotland who have been supporting us pretty much since day one, so we thought we should do something special for them. However, when you nab a pair you can call them Sheffield United, Accrington Stanley, FC United, Manchester United etc, etc etc socks if you want, we won’t tell anyone.