A Night For the Hosiery


When you tell people you are traveling 120 miles to meet in a pub with a bunch of people that you have met off the internet, quite rightly you receive the look of “I’m never going to see you again.” At this point I didn’t tell them it was to discuss socks, I think that may well have had me sectioned.

So yesterday I went up to Newcastle to attend the British Sock Fetish Council’s first party conference. It was a night of exceptionally well-made beer, fine hosiery, The Casual Connoisseur lads and I devising, posers (in the best possible way), key rings, raffles and people trying to steal my bow tie.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers, chairpeople and all who attended, it was a great night and I imagine there will be quite a few sore heads this morning!

We will be making a huge announcement regarding the new BSFC x TRiCKETT Summer edition tomorrow evening so make sure to keep checking our Twitter and blog!