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Now I imagine many of you are on this page only here to say ‘Yep, that’s it, they have gone mad.’ We have never been normal around these parts and looking for new and interesting things is what really makes us tick.

So without further a do, here is a right load of balls. Our TRiCKETT TENNiS Balls, manufactured by the last tennis ball manufacturer in the country especially for us. These aren’t your standard, buy some from the paper shop types, oh no! These are professional grade tennis balls that are the same weight, size and bounce that our racketing heroes use.

Each air sealed tube comes with 2 tennis yellow and 2 Accy Tennis balls (Navy blue and white). The tuve has some TRiCKETT artwork on the inside and each ball has our logo on the front. We have tested them on our Dog albert (Hungarian Viszla) and he is struggling to pop them after a few days of trying.

So whether you display them, play with them or give them to the dog, TRiCKETT TENNiS Balls are sure to last.

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