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I know, I know, this is pretty bonkers isn’t it? Sometimes it is best to go big when it comes to making a product and this is the proof! Our friends in Bavaria, who make these beautiful steins, have been doing so for hundreds of years. Yeah, a beer glass is nice, but these are even more versatile.

Made from a pot that can insulate both hot and cold it is up to you what liquid you put in it, officially it hold 500ml, but it most definitely holds about 530ml. Below is a video of us putting our favourite liquids into it. As you can see it is pretty big and can fit everything you could ever want in.

that’s before we get onto the lids! I wish I had a really interesting story about them, but the truth is its all incredibly functional. The tin lid acts as a barrier to all the stuff you don’t want to get into your drink, flies, fingers and other stuff. It was also used to get your drink at a constant temperature. Boring, but interesting still, like me.

Don’t hesitate just buy one. When they first landed at HQ, we really loved them and I am sure you will too!

16cm x 9cm – 500ml

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