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TRiCKETT Slippers


In your arsenal against the cold everyone should have a pair of good slippers. As nice as the Fred Flintstone ones are that you Mum bought you in 1996, now is the time to change. We take a great pride in our relaxing footwear so here are all the reasons why you need a pair of these in your life.

Our lovely, suede slippers are made for us in the UK by a family run company. They have a wool pile inside for extra snugness and we have put a hard outside on the bottom. This is for when you need to take the bins out or get the cat in when it is raining.

As regards size, we recommend sizing up if you plan of wearing socks with your slippers or usually take a half size, if not just get your normal size. The perfect way to spend any autumn / winter evening and will be sure to be a long and trustworthy foot friend.


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