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I know right, now before you go and sit in a darkened room, let us explain. Our socks are ace, Accrington is famous for a milk advert, we make weird things from time to time. So now it doesn’t seem as weird does it?

Here is my favourite product of the year, TRiCKETT MiLK. It is a milk bottle with Ian Rush (not a chuckle brother) on the front holding a milk bottle (view the advert below for more info) and on the reverse it says “TRiCKETT TERRiERS who are they?” (again look at the advert for more info), All penned by our pal Tom J Newell. Inside the bottle is a pair of super soft wool socks, with TRiCKETT logo on the bottom in white. It is then sealed in a lovely festive foil, by our lovely friends Threlfall’s dairy in Tottleworth. I know, you tribal football types may not like it because Ian Rush once played for a club you don’t like, but money from every bottle will go to the Salvation Army, who do fantastic work all year around. So now you can feel bad about yourself!

As far as weird, football / sock related gifts go, this has got to be up there with the very, very best.

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