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TRiCKETT Double Oven Gloves


In life, the simple / best things are what we use every day. Our double oven glove is a fine example of just one of those things. We have all had awful versions of these things, but we have put some real thought into making the best double oven glove in the world and we are very happy with the results.

The inside and operational side of the oven glove is made from looped cotton to insulate your hands from the heat and to give you the ultimate control when removing things from the oven. The gloves also have a grease and steam barrier, so that even if the glove gets a bit damp your paws will be safe. I don’t know how like, but it has a real premium feel, no £1 fire hazards for your hands.

It’s about time your old gloves got an update.

21cm x 88cm

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