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Tiffany Dunk Hat


This is a new era in TRiCKETT hat making. We always want to offer the best possible product that we can and after a bit of thinking we have changed things on our hats. They are still the same great quality, just different.

We have  changed the shapes of our hats for the better this year. Our new hats feature the TRiCKETT TOP, which is a slightly thinner knit at the top of the hat so that there are no weird bulges at the top and year head fits the hat better. You’ll know what we mean when you have it on your head. This particular hat is made from 100% wool and is for the TRiCKETT purists.

Without doubt one of the pairs of trainers that changed my life, if you don’t know what these are, you should look them up. The modern high top versions don’t count. The ideal blend of colours and textures all in one hat. The colour is very much the same as the world famous jeweller’s. So if you can’t afford a ring, this will fit the bill.

Made in the UK from 100% British yarn.

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