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The T Kicker T-Shirt


We are very lucky us lot. We have had some fans of TRiCKETT pretty much since we started. For those of you that have been down since day one, this graphic is by no means a new one. It was featured in one of our first ever sweatshirts. It is taken from a early 20th century book about American football and we have always loved it.

So we thought we should resurrect this one for everyone to wear. A super huge player screen printed on a lovely grey t-shirt at the back and a nice and subtle T on the front. Sometimes simple is best.

These and our other Graphic t-shirts are part of our 2 for £40 offer, just use the code 2for40 at check out. That would you can have more TRiCKETT T-shirts in your life. And who wouldn’t want that?


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