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The Review Cap – Gazzetta Pink


Serie A in the ’90s and early ’00s was about as glamorous as it ever got for football. The players, the kits, the characters and the mystique all combined together to create something truly magical. Oh and the fact that it was in Italy also made it pretty smashing too.

Before you could watch any league in the world at any time via the internet, all we had was a Channel 4 television programme dedicated to the best league in the world. It would broadcast highlights on Saturday and a live match on a Sunday, much to my Mum’s delight… probably.

However, by far the most iconic part was the paper review, where the presenter sat and talked about the weeks ongoings via a series of Italian newspaper headlines and flashes of pink paper. Add in a strategically placed pastry / espresso cup and everything that we as kids loved, was there.

So here it is, the review cap, paying homage to a great presenter and great programme. The cap itself is a lovely pink colour to match the iconic Gazzetta dello TRiCKETT paper… with brass eyelets and an adjustable strap at the back (one size pretty much fit all). Treat yourself and be in the know.

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